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Party Platform:
Economic Development, Corporate Power, & Media

We Support legislation that:

We believe that corporate influence on the political process should end.

  • Protects people from malfeasance committed by corporations by holding corporations accountable for their actions;

  • Holds subject to criminal prosecution corporate executives who make decisions that cause great suffering or death;

  • Requires corporations to compensate victims of corporate malfeasance;

  • Ensures the wealthiest Americans pay a fair share of taxes;

  • Creates a bill establishing a state bank known as the Washington State Trust;

  • Says corporations are not people;

  • Reinstates Dodd-Frank and Glass-Steagell laws.

We believe Americans have the right to rent or own safe, affordable housing within their means.

We support:

  • Rescinding RCW 35.21.830 and 36.01.130, allowing local authorities to regulate rent, while respecting the right of landlords to earn a profit and maintain their properties;

  • Washington, as a progressive state, leading the nation in establishing public policy that provides all residents the opportunity for safe, healthy, affordable homes in thriving communities.

We believe that the free flow of information is fundamental to democracy. We call on Congress and the Federal Communications Commission to:

  • Strengthen media ownership regulations to limit the number of newspapers and media outlets one corporation may own;

  • Make presidential debates, run by a non-partisan commission, open to all candidates who meet a defined threshold of support;

  • Provide adequate funding for Public Broadcasting, including small rural stations.

We believe net neutrality is a high priority for Washington State and the country and oppose any federal efforts to rescind or block it.

We support:

  • The Skagit County Democratic Party respectfully urging the Washington State Legislature to continue to protect net neutrality, open Internet access, the federal Lifeline program’s discounted telephone service for qualifying low-income consumers, and the E-rate program’s discounted telecommunication and Internet access services for schools and libraries by passing House Bill 2282;

  • The Skagit County Democrat Party respectfully urging the Congress of the United States to pass similar legislation to be applied nationwide.

Party Platform

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