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Party Platform: Military & War

We believe that the militaristic posture of our government has hurt the good name of the United States in the community of nations.

We support:

  • Legislation that would return all direct combat functions to our national armed forces, dropping all contracts with private sector armies;

  • An open and fair bidding process for all national security contracts awarded by the United States;

  • A policy assuring that all American military activities must be performed for fair wages by American service personnel;

  • Accountability for all national security contracts awarded by the United States;

  • Implementation of standard accounting practices at the Department of Defense, such that can be audited by independent entities on a regular basis.

  • The United States shall adopt a policy of no first strike with nuclear weapons on any country.

We believe that members of the United States Armed Services including National Guard and those in the Reserve deserve our admiration, our gratitude, and most of all our support.

We support legislation that assures the following for veterans and service members:

  • Service members returned to the United States for discharge be provided the most convenient transportation to their home at the expense of the service;

  • Educational benefits for use in technical training, college, and other training that supports career development;

  • Complete, highest quality, and life-long healthcare benefits including psychological care, psychiatric care, and treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome;

  • Realistic disability payment to veterans with disabilities;

  • Payment by the VA for housing and transportation when veterans require medical treatment available only away from home;

  • Payment by the VA for all costs for transporting the remains of the deceased service member to the destination determined by the families of the deceased.

We oppose:

  • Denying medical expenses to veterans due to claims of pre-existing conditions.

Party Platform

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