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Party Platform: Immigration

We believe that immigration reform must be approached in a comprehensive and realistic way.

This would include, at a minimum, the following fundamental principles:

  • A path to legalization, documentation, and citizenship;

  • Enacting the Dream Act allowing undocumented immigrant children to attend college and create a more prepared work force, with an eventual path to citizenship;

  • Programs offering immigrants instruction in English and preparation for citizenship;

  • Support for local communities working to welcome newcomers and welcome them into the community;

  • Basic civil liberties and human rights for all;

  • Due process rights for everyone;

  • Immigrants’ right to a drivers’ license;

  • Work permits, travel permission, and access to educational opportunities for undocumented immigrants who have undergone background and security checks;

  • A system that targets and criminalizes employers who recruit undocumented workers from abroad for economic gain;

  • Mechanisms to meet legitimate needs for new workers without compromising the rights and opportunities of workers already here;

  • A worker visa program that adequately protects wages and working conditions of U.S. and immigrant workers;• The right of immigrant workers to join or form a union;

  • The right of immigrant workers to change jobs;

  • Clearing the family backlogs to reunite family members who have filed legal applications;

  • Condemnation of anti-immigrant legislation.

  • Opposing the construction of a wall of shame on any of our borders.

Party Platform

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