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Party Platform: Education

We recommend multiple metrics for high-stakes decisions in public education besides standardized testing in light of the following:

We believe that all children have a right to a quality education

  • There is a local and national tendency to rush toward standardized testing for high stakes decisions in public education, despite mounting evidence that standardized tests penalize students who are second-language speakers and from lower socioeconomic groups;

  • The funds being spent to support these high-stakes standardized tests could more effectively go toward proven methods of effective learning, such as smaller class size.

We support:

  • Establishing facilities and programs that advance vocational and technical education;

  • Legislation for fully funding pre-school through grade 12 and technical education;

  • Legislation that substantially funds public colleges, universities, and technical schools;

  • Legislation that lowers the interest rate on student loans and finds ways to relieve the financial stress of college students and graduates burdened with huge student debt;

  • Legislation that will finance the McCleary decision to Washington State schools and fully fund

  • 149 basic education

Party Platform

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