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Tell Congress: Get rid of the Earned Income Age cap! 

The age cap of 65 on the Earned Income Tax Credit is flat-out age discrimination. The Earned Income Tax Credit helps fight against poverty for working families, and low-to-moderate income workers shouldn’t be shut out from it simply because of age. Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, Congress temporarily removed the age cap to help low-income seniors. But now, the age cap is back in place, and nearly 2 million people over age 65 could experience unfair tax hikes. 

Workers over 65 have weathered so many economic challenges these past few years — and we should NOT get a tax increase for trying to make ends meet by staying at our jobs. As more and more people over 65 need to stay in the workforce, we should not penalize them with a tax increase. The age cap on the Earned Income Tax Credit isn’t just outdated, it’s blatant age discrimination. Three out of four adults age 50+ agree that the age cap should be removed. 

We urge you to contact your members of Congress to urge them to remove this cap. 



Clyde Shavers' Session recap: lowering property taxes for veterans, defending reproductive rights and protecting the environment

Dear friends and neighbors,

These past few weeks have been busy meeting with people and working on bills for next year!

We finalized our wrap-up of the 2023 legislative session and will be sending out an informational pamphlet across the district soon. Let me know if you didn’t receive one by August, and I will personally deliver you a copy. Also, as your state representative, I hope to meet as many people one-on-one starting in August. If there’s a day and time that works for you, please feel free to reach out for scheduling with my legislative assistance, Logan Duling at

I helped lower property taxes for more people.

I introduced House Bill House Bill 1560 and worked with Rep. Sharon Wylie on House Bill 1355, which provides tax relief to seniors, veterans, and those with disabilities. This bill expands eligibility for property tax relief so that more people aren’t hurt by rising home prices. Everyone deserves housing stability, and I’m fighting to ensure no one is forced out of their home.

I’ve kept my promise to defend your reproductive rights.

House Bill 1854 safeguards your access to abortion medication. I cosponsored this legislation because reproductive freedom means nothing without access to care. This bill ensures nobody is denied access to mifepristone. The Senate version passed – and I’m proud to have fought for your right to health care.

The My Health, My Data Act is first-in-the-nation legislation that protects our deeply personal health information – including reproductive health data – from being sold without our consent. No corporation has a right to share or sell your personal health data – and we’re making sure your privacy is protected.

I’m fighting to protect our farmland and environment.

I introduced House Bill 1412 banning any foreign government or entity from purchasing our farmland. Foreign ownership threatens our state’s food security, water supplies, and environment. It is vital that we protect our local farming and tribal communities that care for our land.

Additionally, I introduced House Bill 1768 which encourages the use of green hydrogen, a clean energy source that creates good-paying jobs. It is part of a cleaner environmental future that makes sense, is cost-effective, and brings all of us together. I’ll keep working to make sure both bills pass next year.

As a member of the Capital Budget committee, I fought to include $1.9 million for construction of a dike northwest of Stanwood to prevent flooding in Stanwood and submerging of the road to Camano Island. This state investment will be matched by $1.75 million from Snohomish County. This dike will protect our farmland and thousands of homes and businesses and has been in the works since 2013. I’m proud that this year we were able to get it done. With more frequent flooding, I’m dedicated to doing everything I can to protect our coastal communities.

Protecting your community against crime is my priority.

House Bill 1363 restores the ability of our police officers to pursue suspects after a crime is committed. I cosponsored this bill because it ensures public safety by effectively balancing the risk of vehicle pursuits with protecting bystanders. The Senate version passed – and I’m proud to keep working on building safer communities by giving our police the tools to do their job and rebuild trust within our communities.

As a veteran having attended the U.S. Naval Academy, graduated from Naval Nuclear Power School, trained at a naval nuclear reactor plant, and served in the Middle East and Southeast Asia as a public affairs officer, I am honored to serve you here in the Washington State Legislature.

Always at your service,


Rep. Clyde Shavers

Update from Representative Dave Paul, 10th LD: 

It is an honor to represent the residents of the 10th district. I serve on the Transportation (Vice Chair); Innovation, Community & Economic Development and Veterans; and Postsecondary Education & Workforce committees. As your representative, I’m proud to have fought for:

  • Reducing the costs of higher education by creating a summer Running Start program. This major victory for students and families will allow high school juniors and seniors to enroll in tuition-free course at community colleges in the summer, in addition to the regular academic year.

  • Improving mental health outcomes for young people in rural communities, including securing $750,000 for Island County to improve outreach and services to youth and children.

  • Landmark legislation (HB 1700) to help local governments and ports remove abandoned boats from our waterways. This program will save taxpayers millions of dollars by removing these dangerous boats—before they can pollute our waterways.

  • Historic investments for Washington State Ferries in the Move Ahead WA transportation budget, including $1.3 billion to build four new hybrid electric vessels and electrify two existing ships, and $9 million to recruit, train, and retain ferry personnel.

  • Key legislation to support veterans, active-duty personnel, and their families. HB 2543 (2020) grants in-state tuition for veterans and their children as they transition from military service to civilian life. HB 2544 (2020) ensures all armed service personnel who earned a campaign badge or campaign medal will receive full retirement benefits from the state of Washington.

  • Improving public safety by funding more cohorts at the state’s law enforcement academy, cosponsoring legislation to increase the pay for Washington State Troopers, and strengthening the training and support for 911 first responders.

  • Fixing our regressive tax system, including fighting for sales tax relief (HB 2018) and advocating for property tax relief for our state’s working families.

Your opinion matters a lot to me. My door is always open, and I would love to hear your feedback. Here are some ways you can contact me or my Legislative Assistant.

  • Send me an email

  • Toll-free Hotline (800-562-6000 or for TTY / hearing impaired, 800-635-9993)

  • Direct line: 360-786-7914

  • Office: JLOB 424 (Just southwest of the Capitol Building)

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