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Volunteer Application


Volunteer Opportunities

We are a diverse club always looking for Democratic volunteers and participants in our many events across Island County. Please email us at and learn more about initiatives, candidates, and most importantly, how you can make a difference and become active in the Camano Island Democrats.

We support jobs, health care, social security, family wages, the environment and sustainability, food safety, access to justice for all, programs for children, veteran’s care and benefits, public safety, transportation, local farms, and businesses.

Get Involved in Our Volunteer Events

Please fill out this short questionnaire and provide your contact
information so that we can get you involved in our volunteer events.

Legislative Distict

(Camano is 10th LD)

Not sure go to

Not sure? Go to

What days are best for you?
What are you interested in doing?

Thanks for applying to volunteer with us! We'll get back to you soon.

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