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Party Platform: Agriculture

Agriculture is an important industry in Washington State, and we support programs to insure the availability of high-quality food, and to preserve family farms to maintain the viability of the land.

We Support:

  • Policies that promote and encourage safe, clean local food production;

  • The production of food in close proximity to consumers in Washington State;

  • The use of household gardens for food production;

  • Food production and small farm classes in Washington State schools;

  • Industrial hemp as a source of jobs in the growing, processing, manufacture and export of industrial hemp and hemp-based products;

  • Legislation requiring the clear labeling of foods containing GMOs, and Country of Origin Labeling;

  • Legislation that bans the use of the pesticides glyphosate (Roundup) and neonicotinoids (believed to be the central cause of bee colony collapse) in Washington State.

We oppose:

  • Food production and distribution that depends on energy inefficient machinery;

  • The production, processing and transportation of food by large unaccountable corporations that rob the consumer of knowledge about food products and stifle the local economy;

  • The use of prime agricultural lands for non-agricultural uses.

Party Platform

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