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Party Platform: Environment & Energy 

A. Energy: We believe it is imperative that every citizen of the United States practices energy conservation measures as we pursue alternative sources of energy to relieve our dependence on fossil fuels.

We Support: 

  • Continued research into the cost, efficiency and environmental impacts of proposed alternative energy production methods;• A just transition to alternative forms of energy and fuel demonstrated to be clean, safe, renewable, sustainable, and cost effective;

  • Transfer of technologies to developing nations to promote their use of renewable energy;

  • Acknowledging the seriousness and urgency of climate change;

  • Promoting subsidies for energy conservation, efficiency measures and alternative renewable energy sources;

  • Creating economic incentives for companies that produce, install, and service renewable technologies;

  • Disallowing coal terminal construction in the state unless the facility can satisfy a review of economic, social, and environmental costs including state and National Environmental Policy Act review, Environmental Impact Statement, Health Impact Assessment, and Economic Impact Assessment of both the facility and any changes to be made in the state’s infrastructure due to the facility;

  • Increasing fees and royalties on coal mining and mineral extraction on Federal lands to an equitable rate.

We believe that it is unacceptable that the United States has withdrawn from the Paris Climate Accord without a reasonable alternative for mitigating climate change.

We support:

  • The Democratic Party calling for re-adherence to the Paris Climate Accord.

B. Environment: We further believe that protection of the environment is essential to maintaining a strong economy for the long term.

We support:

  • Programs that protect air and water quality;

  • Programs that support the preservation and restoration of wild salmon runs and habitat;

  • Water conservation measures;

  • Restoration and maintenance of adequate in-stream flows for fish and wildlife with due consideration to the rights of private residential and agricultural property owners.

We support legislation designed to:

  • Require most packaging to be recyclable. Preserve and grow environmentally clean jobs in Washington State.;

  • Preserve our National Parks and Wildlife Preservation Areas;

  • Encourage the development and construction of new infrastructure that will remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as well as reducing the amount of carbon dioxide being emitted.

We support legislation requiring all motor vehicle manufacturer and dealer advertising for all new motor vehicles manufactured after 2020 to include the following information developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy:

  • EPA miles per gallon of fuel estimates;

  • Estimated annual tons of carbon dioxide emitted (carbon footprint);

  • The number of barrels of oil required annually for average use.

We believe that we are stewards of our waters, forests, lands and other natural resources.

We support:

  • The continued preservation and enhancement of the Chuckanut Mountain Range of Skagit and Whatcom Counties;

  • The protection, restoration, and sustainable use and enjoyment of the current roadless areas, wildlife corridors, trail corridors, scenic viewing areas, old growth forest and habitat for species of concern on Blanchard Mountain;

  • The inclusion of permanent protected-area status for the sensitive public lands in the Chuckanut Mountains range;

  • All Federal, State and Local agencies in their cooperative efforts to solve the flood control problems in Skagit County;

  • The earliest possible timeline for the creation of a permanent, statewide standing committee on Sustainability and the Environment within the state Democratic Party structure, conforming to all rules and bylaws of other such standing committees.

Party Platform

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