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Party Platform: Healthcare

We believe that healthcare is a basic human right, and our government should recognize its responsibility to assure accessible, affordable healthcare for all.

We call on all Members of Congress to support and enact a single payer system that provides all medically necessary care and ancillary services to treat illnesses, injuries, needed restorations, and other legal medical procedures, except for elective cosmetic care.

We call on lawmakers to withhold Medicare, Medicaid and other federal or state funding from hospitals and providers who refuse patients treatment for any legal and necessary medical procedures.

We support:

  • Reproductive care, to include:

    • Funding for general availability of Plan B;

    • Free distribution of contraceptives;

    • A woman’s right to control her own body, including the right to terminate pregnancy, to be sterilized, and to use the contraception method deemed best between her and her healthcare provider;

    • Family planning services geographically accessible to all Washington residents.

  • Appropriate funding and curriculum for comprehensive, medically accurate sex education for children that shall cover, but not be limited to matters of sexually transmitted diseases, family planning, the cost of raising a child, and the responsibilities and obligations of being a parent;

  • A plan to address overpopulation in the United States and the world;

  • The defense and adequate funding of Medicare and Medicaid;

  • Advocating for the enactment of State Single Payer healthcare in Washington State, if not in the entire country;

  • Implementation of community health engagement locations as a harm reduction strategy for communities affected by the current opioid epidemic;

  • Legislation that provides funding for the treatment of all drug and alcohol addictions and for education intended to raise the awareness of the effects of addiction;

  • Fully funding the diagnosis, treatment and housing costs of our mentally ill citizens.

  • Calling on the Democratic National Committee to publish credible, accurate, thorough and easily read reports detailing the facts about a Single Payer Healthcare System, this to include reports on HR676 “National Healthcare Act” and S1804 “Medicare for All Act of 2017”, to be published no later than June 2019.

Party Platform

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