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Party Platform: Foreign Policy

We believe the United States must work cooperatively with other nations to restore our good name in the community of nations and to promote a sustainable, nonviolent world.

We believe that the United States of America should:

  • Support a peaceful solution to conflict in the Middle East;

  • Work with other governments and the United Nations to secure fissile material to a high standard and abolish nuclear weapons worldwide;

  • Avoid sanctions that cause hardship to civilians;

  • Suspend all military aid to any nation that violates international law;

  • Lift sanctions and restore normal trade relations with Cuba.

We support:

  • Legislation that sends foreign aid to address social needs, increased employment and economic opportunities for the poor;

  • Eliminating wasteful military spending that robs the federal treasury of money to adequately fund social welfare services and job-creating programs geared to improving our deteriorating infrastructure.

We believe that space is not claimed, nor can it be claimed, to be solely the property of any individual, business, or government, as space is a commons.

We support:

  • That space should not be commercialized or militarized, and all property in space shall be held by the governments of the world for the benefit of the people of the world.

Party Platform

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