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June, 2020

A note from ICD Chair, Joseph Busig

Happy summer, I hope all of you are doing well! June has been a busy month for ICD, volunteers, PCOs, and all of our local candidates. I personally have been working with local endorsed candidates, helping with coordinated campaign efforts, putting signs out in my area, and attending numerous Zoom meetings. I can imagine this is the life of many of us! Thank you to all who are helping our local candidates, you're outstanding! Volunteers and campaign teams are essential to any campaign making grassroots strides. 
If I can make one ask for our PCOs and membership it is to help in any way you can. Get in contact with any of our endorsed candidates that you feel strongly about. Help them put out signs, attend sign waving events, mail flyers, phone bank, text bank, fundraise, host or participate in online parties, drop literature, utilize social media, and spread the word with your community. We have the potential to flip another State House seat, a State Senate seat, and a County Commissioner seat. Ballots drop in three weeks so let's make it happen! 
Please continue to stay safe, stay healthy, and stay well!"
Joseph J. Busig 
Island County Democrats 

Note from Island County Commissioner, Helen Price Johnson


June is Pride Month, commemorating the Stonewall riots of 1969 when a Black trans woman, Marsha P. Johnson sparked the beginning of the gay rights movement by standing up against police at the Stonewall Inn.  The historic Supreme Court decision this week validating the civil rights of LBGTQ people has taken the United States forward in this struggle, and has a personal impact on my family. 
My daughter-in-law had dreamed her whole life of serving her country in the armed forces. During the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" era she fulfilled her goal and excelled at every level of her training, and she was moving rapidly through the ranks. Then, despite being first in her class, she was suddenly discharged from the military solely because of her sexual orientation. 
Two years ago, she married my daughter, and thankfully they feel safe living their lives openly in Washington State.  But across half of this country, they still could have faced discrimination by employers or landlords. 
During the Obama administration our country made progress with LGBTQ rights, culminating with gay marriage being sanctioned by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2015.  And now, with the decision this week, we have taken another large step forward: no one in America can be threatened with a loss of housing or employment simply because of who they love or their gender identification. 
The national demonstrations crying out to end racial discrimination show us that this country still has a long way to go to make true the words of our pledge of allegiance: "One nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all". 
How will we get there? This is a call to honesty, empathy, and action for us all.  We can speak up when we witness injustice.  We can challenge people in power to address the systemic injustices in our society.  And we can support candidates who will advance the goal of "liberty and justice for all."


Commissioner Helen Price Johnson

Note from Island County Commissioner, Janet St. Clair


Summer has arrived.  The solstice that heralds the arrival of summer is also Juneteenth.  I will be honest and acknowledge how little I know of the obfuscated history of people of color in our country.  I knew dimly about the Tulsa Massacre.  I did not know that the emancipation of black slaves in Texas now celebrated on June 19th was two years delayed.  I had read a lot about the civil rights movement but did not dig deeper, only recently learning about the anti-lynching movement and The Silent Parade in 1917.  I learned of this only after participating in The Silent Protest for BLM on June 12.  I knew the story of Henrietta Lacks but not the story of the Tuskagee Study, something that resulted only in 2001 in a Presidential Council on Bioethics to “provide an adequate moral and ethical lens” for medical research. And that is just a glimpse at the history of Black American oppression in our nation.  We may know much about the history of stolen lands, violence, and corruption when we look at how America has dealt with our native peoples.  Yet how active is our interest in the plight of missing and murdered indigenous women?  We know of the activists Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta.  As Democrats we support the rights of Latino farmworkers and laborers.  I am outraged and grieving at the intentional traumatization and incarceration of children at our borders.  This is recent history and policy we must address.  But the history of fear-mongering and policy is not new. Are you familiar with the Mexican Repatriation Act that lead to a mass deportation of Mexicans and Mexican-Americans from the United States between 1929 and 1936?  Many were American citizens.  We have a dark history of race relations in America.  As Jim Wallis states, it is our original sin.  How do we first say, “I’m sorry” not just for our past but for the prejudice and micro-aggressions of today.  Then how do we repent and take real action to change our future?  These are the questions I consider.  These are the conversations I am having.  Will you join me?

Janet St. Clair, Island County Commissioner District 3

Note from 10th LD representative, Dave Paul

Hi Friends,

We are going to have a very busy month! Not only are we working hard to engage with voters, but we also have many events coming up.
Bingo- Saturday June 27th, 7:00 pm. RSVP to
Phone Calling Party- Wednesday July 1st, 4:00-6:00 pm, email
Facebook Live Q+A with Dave- Tuesday, July 7th, 7:00 pm
Phone Calling Party- Wednesday July 8th, 4:00-6:00p m, email
Trivia Party- Thursday, July 9th, 7:00 pm, RSVP to
Phone Calling Party- Wednesday July 15th 4:00-6:00pm, email
Hot Wings Challenge Interview- Thursday, July 16th 7:00 pm

Voter engagement now is key! With the primary only a month away, we will be contacting voters every day. If you’d like to help talk to our friends and neighbors, we have lots of volunteer opportunities. We have a strong postcard campaign, and we need more writers! If you’d like to help, email Beth at and she’ll get you the supplies you need.

Another way to engage with voters is phone banking! Beth will be hosting a weekly phone banking party starting next Wednesday, July 1st. The party will be from 4-6 every Wednesday; all you have to do is hop on Zoom and make some calls. Beth will be there the whole time if you have any questions or concerns. If you’re interested, email Beth or I  and we’ll get you set up with everything you need to know.

Thanks so much for the support,


Message from 2nd CD Congressman Rick Larsen


I am in Washington, D.C., this week to vote for the Justice in Policing Act, House Democrats' police reform bill. The legislation would ban chokeholds, strangleholds and no-knock warrants at the federal level, require federal officers to use dashboard and body cameras, create a national police misconduct registry and much more


I have also signed on to cosponsor Rep. Ayanna Pressley's resolution condemning police brutality, racial profiling and the excessive use of force. I will continue to work to fight systemic racism, racial injustice and police violence. We cannot forget George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and the many other victims of racial violence.


With ballots dropping in just three weeks, we need your help to spread the word about our campaign. Now is the time to sign up to volunteer! There are lots of ways to get involved, including virtual phone banking, hosting a Zoom house party, writing a letter to the editor, putting up yard signs and sharing our social media posts with your network. We must elect candidates up and down the ballot who are committed to fighting racial injustice.


Our campaign has also continued to reach out to voters through Facebook Live, Zoom and virtual phone banking. Visit my Facebook page to watch my recent conversations with State Party Chair Tina Podlodowski and Rep. Suzan DelBene. I have been calling voters throughout the 2nd District to help elect Democrats and beat Donald Trump in November. We need Trump out of office to advance progressive policies.


Thank you for reading. I will keep working to earn your support. 



Message from Art Huffine about Candidates signs

We need sign locations!!!
Will you please let us know if you would like a sign for one of our amazing candidates. We are looking for yard sign locations and especially locations on the Highway (20 & 525) or on arterials on both Islands.
You can get signs or from the following locations for Helen and Dave

  • Oak Harbor/ North Whidbey - Art Huffine, 1248 Rainier Ln, Oak Harbor 360-682-2662

  • South Whidbey - Craig Cyr, 424 6th St., Langley 360-914-0059

  • Camano Island - John Amell, 710, Flintstone Dr., Camano Is. 360-572-2112

You can also request signs from the campaigns:


Messages from Candidates

Angie Homola – candidate WA State House of Representatives (1) 10Th LD (D)
A toast to Democrats for their work to forward democracy

I am delighted to report the recent progress our shared campaign accomplished:

  • Our staff is working as a well oiled team with Manager Kira Homola, Co-Manager Kyler Parris, and interns starting June 29th

  • Hosted a successful Zoom Summer Kick-Off and Junteenth informational event with my Political Consultant Riall Johnson sharing a report on the recent work of the Progressive Consultants of Color.

  • With the help of 25 volunteers, we mailed 1,200 individualized letters to consistent Democratic voters across the district!

  • Endorsements continue to accumulate with the most recent including:

  • Sierra Club of Washington State

  • Indivisible - Whidbey, Snohomish, Skagit

  • Snohomish County Young Democrats

  • Washington State Young Democrats

  • UAW Union for Academic Student Employees

(see the full list on my website)

  • We have raised over $40,000 with 98% of donations coming from voters who reside in the district!

Take a look at the Public Disclosure Commission website to see 10th LD legislative candidates’ donations, spending, and debt.
Select: Legislative - Representative, and then select: Jurisdiction - 10th LD
The ballots drop in just 3 Weeks (Mid July)!!!

Lewis, Howard, Mischo Townhall

In case you missed it, Ivan Lewis, Candidate for State Representative, Position 1, 10th LD; Nathan Howard, Candidate for Island County Commissioner, District 1; and Fe Mischo, Candidate for Island County Commissioner, District 2, held a town hall meeting to discuss their platforms, visions, and answer questions from the community. These three young progressive candidates displayed an eagerness to collaborate and a shared commitment to serving the people of Island County and Washington.
Please check out the recording here:

Nathan Howard
Candidate for Island County Commissioner, District 1
Momentum is building with Nathan’s campaign. The grassroots support for his campaign has been strong and growing, especially these last few months. People have been sending in personal testimonials and pictures with Nathan’s campaign sign. You can view them on Nathan’s website: 

Both Nathan and Fe Mischo received exclusive endorsements from the Sierra Club for their respective County Commissioner races. Nathan has been a strong advocate for the environment in Island County, having served as the staff representative on several boards including the salmon recovery and water resources advisory boards. Nathan pledges to work tirelessly to improve our local environment, lower our greenhouse gas emissions to minimize the impacts of climate change, and forge a plan to help us adapt to our changing climate. 
In these times of social distancing, Nathan continues to work hard to get his message out whenever and wherever he can. The private zoom meetings and house parties have been extremely successful. On Saturdays at 9am, Nathan holds a Facebook live stream called Camper Conversations. During the last two sessions, he had discussions with the two candidates for Island County Superior Court Judge Position 2. He has also recently started doing a virtual public discussion/Q&A forum. The focus of the first one was systemic racism and his next one will be on environmental issues/climate change. It will be this coming Tuesday, June 30th at 7pm. To sign up for this event, click here:
Links to the recording for the first Q&A discussion, video of all of Nathan’s live streams, and social media posts about local topics and current events by Nathan can be found on his Facebook page:
If you would like a sign, would like to host a house party, or just want to connect with Nathan, please send our team an email:
Also, please let your friends and family know about Nathan by sharing his website:

Jason Call
Candidate for State Representative, 2nd CD
Island County Democrats - First, thank you for trusting my campaign with your endorsement.  Island County joins San Juan and Skagit Counties, and the 38th, 39th, and 44th LD Democrats in endorsing our efforts (we missed the 10th LD and Snohomish County endorsements by a single vote each).  We very much look forward to being on the November ballot alongside the incumbent, and giving the voters of this district an opportunity to make a choice for real progressive values and policy.  I'm running a No Corporate PAC money campaign in support of Medicare For All, the Green New Deal resolution, as well as many other progressive policies.  We have a volunteer team of over 150 people putting up signs across the district and text banking for the campaign, and the response has been outstanding.  Please take the time to review our very detailed policy platform at (Issues page) where you can also sign up to volunteer and donate. Please also follow the campaign on Facebook @CallForCongress.  We're very excited for the Voter Guide to come out.  I'm happy to answer any questions at  I humbly ask for your vote in the August 4th primary.  Solidarity!   Jason Call, Candidate US House WA-02

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