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Redistricting Is Here!

See League of Women Voters Snohomish for information on redistricting:

"People Powered Fair Maps is a nationwide redistricting campaign of the national League of Women Voters, focused on creating fair voting districts in all 50 states. Learn more about how LWVSC is supporting this national effort and how Speak Up Schools are part of the effort in Washington State. Register for any of the League's free online training on how you can make your voice and your vote count."

From the Governor's office:

"The Legislature has just wrapped up an historic and truly extraordinary session. It has been the most innovative, having produced unprecedented and legacy making advances as all-encompassing as any session in the last 25 years," Inslee said. "Washingtonians received progress on climate, progress on equity, progress on our tax system, and progress protecting our workers and families, and more. And all of this was accomplished safely as the COVID-19 pandemic continues."

WATCH: Inslee on 2021 legislative session. 

Sine Die. Legislation Session for 2021 is completed We can be proud of the progress made and the high public participation. Many good bills have been passed. See TVW (archives) to hear House and Senate Democratic leaders hold a media availability following adjournment.