Scott McMullen

My name is Scott McMullen


I am a 2nd Generation Democratic Statesman or so I've been called and it seems fitting. I have lived as a Father, Fire Fighter, Vet, Community Service Representative, and Good Neighbor in the Puget Sound region for nearly all my life with 30 yrs in the Legislative District 10.  I welcome you and everyone to take a look at my website as to my successes as a Community Service Representative and join me in the necessary changes we strive for our Children.

Within the Unions I have been a very active Advocate and Participant. 1999, I founded the establishment of our IAFF (International Association of Firefighters and the Washington State Council of Firefighters at Boeing Aircraft Company – at all Puget Sound sites) .In my Local, I’ve served as Secretary and Treasurer, and Local IAFF District Vice President. I fully support the Labor Unions.

I've included a handout used in my doorbelling and in person communications for a snapshot of my Community Service Record and of my Person.  I strive to be Genuine and continue to be sincere in all that I do. As a Firefighter and Veteran, I know how important it is to serve our people.  I'm committed to serving in Olympia to make sure that our state adopts policies and makes the investments we need.

I’ve been on countless Emergency calls with numerous lifesavings and/or general comforting of persons experiencing life changing health – mental events/traumas over my career of more than 30yrs.


My top priority is supporting our First Responders and Health/Medical/Nursing and Support Staff have the appropriate training, equipment, and personnel needed for emergencies and natural disasters, especially an earthquake. As a Professional Firefighter, I've see firsthand the difference proper training and equipment can make, and the current state of our infrastructure. Means we need to have well prepared First Responders and Emergency Services.


I will also work hard to make sure that our state makes strong investments in Transportation and Infrastructure that creates good paying, family wage jobs. Investments in transportation and infrastructure are critical to our economy, Companies have declined to startup or relocate to our region due to the state of our Transportation System.  We need Leadership which will fight for the resources to make sure we upgrade our infrastructure and transportation system to the 21st Century.  Finally, we need to make sure we have safe and efficient Ferries and have long term plan to timely replacements.  This is critical for our District.


Finally, I believe our States paramount duty is to educate our people.  I believe in fully funding education K through college.  Education is fundamental to our success our communities and to having a fair and equitable society.  We need more opportunities for people to participate in apprenticeship programs especially for Veterans returning to the civilian workforce.  And last, but not least, all students deserve a safe learning environment.  I support funding common sense measures would protect our students and schools.

I strongly believe in protecting our beautiful Environment by way of ensuring the watersheds, wetlands, dairies, and farmlands are closely monitored and regulated when development projects are proposed and under the many stages construction.

Our district is a great place, full of potential.  We need new leadership in our District that is committed to the values and policies that will protect our people, grow our economy, and educate our people.  


I believe I'm the person for the job and hope I can count on your support.


I’ve also served on the several Boards and Committees in Skagit

- Law and Justice

- Community Action

- Transit Authority

- Council of Governments

- Transportation Improvements

- Chair for Parks and Recreation.


I learned to be a Statesman from my Father, former WA. State Senator - Pat McMullen.

Please consider investing in my campaign, helping with one or more of the many tasks .. such as our current Priority fund raising, put a sign, door belling, lemonade stand, car wash, parades Attendant with signs in hand on a float, or volunteering with other Campaign Ringing activities for our race and the WIN in 2020.  48% of total votes were Won last time.. with only another 2% +1 vote will be the WIN..

Your reply and attention to this matter will be greatly appreciated.  Go Puget Sound Dems!

Scott direct: 360-420-7070




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