Monthly Meeting Minutes



Camano Island Democrats Met March 18th, 7PM

Jeff Wheeler, Salish Foothills Area Manager for the State Parks met with Camano Island Democrats March 18th.

Jeff shared his knowledge of the Park system, new Parks to explore, Navy SEAL training and other areas of interest. We also heard from Not In Our Parks, the citizen group opposing the Navy’s use of our state parks for training purposes. 

Good questions and discussion by members followed the presentations.

Camano Island Democrats    Membership Meeting Minutes   February 20, 2020   7:00 PM 

Vista Madrona Fire Station
273 N. West Camano Drive

Call to Order at 7:00 pm/Pledge of Allegiance
Catherine suggested making a change to the Agenda to allow the speakers to speak first because of the time needed and they have a long drive home. The members motioned and approved the change.

The first candidate was Helen Price Johnson, who is running for State Senate against Ron Muzzall. One issue she cares strongly about is the housing crisis. She wants to focus on solutions that work in unincorporated areas and to prepare for growth while protecting the environment. She wants to help seniors to be able to stay in our communities. She will address climate change. She will address access to health care. Concerning behavioral health, the pattern of crisis, trauma, incarceration, needs to be changed. Our area lacks adequate care for mental health help and substance abuse treatment.

The second candidate was Suzanne Woodard, an RN, union member, and local resident. She is running as the 10 th LD representative candidate. Suzanne went to Olympia to observe how our legislature works. She lobbied for workers’ rights and healthcare for workers; for fifteen-minute breaks and one-half hour lunch breaks. It took her ten years to succeed. She cares about
Affordable Health Care issues, climate change, protecting our environment, and helping us cutdown on forest fires because of the poor air quality as well as the environmental and financial issues involved. She is upset with the Tim Eyman car tab debacle. Washington State roads need fixing. Commuters know all too well how much we need the $30 car tab issue to be

The third candidate to speak was Melanie Bacon, H.R. Director of Island County for nine years. Melanie Bacon is running for Island County Commissioner District 1 seat. Melanie gave us her vision of what Island County will look like in 2030 if she is elected to office. Island County will have more trees. The waters will be protected. The parks will be protected. We will have electric cars, mixed housing usage, and housing for nurses, teachers, and retail workers. Island County will be a great place to live and to work. There will be more telework from home. Our rural communities will be protected and maintained. The County and State will have broadband and call service everywhere. There will be zoning which encourages small community housing and mitigates climate change. There will be a property inventory. The rising sea problem will have been addressed. All county functions and forms will be computerized. The county will give great customer service. To make this come true we need solutions and great ideas. Melanie
Bacon can be reached at