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October 19, 2017 CID Meeting Minutes

The October general membership meeting was brought to order by Vice President, John Amell.
John reported on the ICD quarterly meeting with special guests from the 10th LD and Skagit
County Democrats. There are new email based canvassing tools that will be useful in upcoming
elections. There are 4 open PCO (precinct committee officer) positions.
Treasure’s report: $2174.30
Karla Jacks spoke gave a presentation on the upcoming Camano Island Fire & Rescue Levy Lift
vote. CIFR is asking for $.25 per 1000.00 of assessed property value. The funds will be used to
add fire fighters during peak call hours, purchase smaller, efficient fire/tender trucks and help
maintain current facilities. Karla noted the Community Medic program has been successful in
reducing the number of EMT dispatches and is helping residents to age in place. The
membership discussed the increasing need for wild land fire protection of the kind seen
recently in Santa Rosa, CA. The Federal Forest Service is required to respond to a Camano
Island forest fire within 4 hours of notification. Capable local response is critical. The ballots
must be returned by November 7, 2017.

Bruce Hall reported on the Camano Port research committee findings. A general discussion
ensued about possible benefits including emergency response, transportation, police powers
and economic activity. Members also voiced concern the Port expansion will used as an effort
to expand commercial and real estate development disguised as “home rule”. Bruce stated and
the membership agreed this is a non-partisan issue that will takes years to evaluate and must
be voted on by CI residents.
Allison Warner explained the petition drive for I-940, De-Escalate Washington. The goal is to
create a good faith standard for the use of deadly force by the police. It changes the language
that grants de facto immunity for police from criminal prosecution. It also advocates more
mental health and de-escalation training for police officers. The petition deadline is 12/29/17.
A draft letter to Congressman Rick Larson letting him know we support single payer healthcare
and asking him to support a Medicare for all type national health care plan.
Noam Chomsky’s “Requiem for the American Dream” documentary on the inequity of income

distribution was viewed. It provides a meaningful history of the American experience with
plutocracy. It can be viewed on You Tube.
Janet St Clair announced her candidacy for Island County Commisioner, District 3. Her
announcement was met with great applause! Janet will be hosting a Pizza and Perspectives get
together at her home the Sunday, October 22nd from 5-7PM, 710 Flintstone Drive. Come share

your vision for Camano and Island County. Please RSVP to neptuneslass@gmail.com so there’s
enough pizza for all.

Meeting adjorned.


September 21Meeting

Charles Heaney of Physicians for a National Health Plan(PNHP) spoke with us regarding National Single Payer Healthcare, current bills introduced in Congress and actions PNHP and local citizen groups are taking to promote National Single Payer Healthcare as well as a single payer plan proposed for Washington state. 




July 20, 2017 CID General Membership Meeting Minutes
The meeting was called to order by President Basil Badley. A brief moment of thought/prayer
for Senator John McCain was observed.
Treasurer’s Report: $2109.00
Guest speaker Fire Chief Michael Shick presented a comprehensive breakdown of current
resources, expenses and the need for the Levy Lid Lift.
CIFR has 51 fire fighters/ EMT’s. 14 full-time, 9 part-time, 10 full-time paramedics, 28 volunteer
fire fighters, 2 mechanics and 3 administrative staff. CIFR has 2 fully staffed stations, 2
partial/volunteer staffed and one storage station in the 40 square mile CI fire district and a
population of approximately 20,000. 73% of all CIFR calls are EMS calls, 1887 calls last year and
6% actual fire calls.
The Levy Lid Lift is needed to keep up with projected cost increases, 2 additional full-time fire
fighters to staff station 3 at Terry’s Corner during peak hours as the north end of the island has
a high call propensity. The recent recession caused deferred upgrades to equipment which can
no longer be ignored. For additional information see https://www.camanofire.com/levy-lid-lift/
Lynne Ayers of the Stanwood Camano Food Bank explained how the “back pack” food program
is facilitated through the school year by the school district. Currently there are 1,100 food
insecure children in the district. Stanwood High School and Twin City Elementary did not
qualify for the USDA Summer Feeding Program based on census qualifications. The program
went away but the need remained and the Food Bank absorbed the program. They are
currently providing 174 children and their younger siblings weekly. Lynne discussed the support
the program has received from community volunteers and contributors, social agencies, the
YMCA and Elger Bay Grocery. There is a particular need for toilet paper, single wrapped rolls in
addition to food donations. The Food Bank works with a network of thirty partners and
agencies to provide services to friends and neighbors in our community. There has been a
noticeable absence of immigrant families at the Food Bank as a result of our new federal
policies. Janet St. Clair shared that 50% of all children in Island County qualify for Medicaid, a
fact that stunned most meeting attendees. Lynne thanked our members for their commitment
to the Food Bank and for our upcoming benefit on July 29th.
The CID Food Bank Benefit is Saturday, July 29th at the Haugen/Badley home from 4-7.
We still need volunteers for the Stanwood / Camano Fair, August 4-6th. Please call Melody
Risner @ 425-308-3808 to volunteer.
John Amell has designed business cards for the CID to distribute at the fair and club events. The
expenditure was approved by a simple majority. John also updated the Summer of Canvas 

Democratic state listening project. Volunteers are welcome. Please contact John at
The meeting was adjorned at 9:10PM

February 15, 2018 CID Meeting Minutes

The February meeting was called to order by President Basil Badley.
The January meeting minutes were accepted. Treasurer’s report: $2401.30
It is with great sadness that we share the passing of Bill Thorne and Paul Booker. Both were
committed Democrats and active in our community. A celebration of life will be held for Bill at
the Camano Center, February 18, 2-5 PM. Cards of Condolence can be sent to Paul’s partner,
Donald Miller at 611 N Sunset Dr, CI, 98282.
Indivisible Health Committee member, Earl Vaughn announced their upcoming meeting will be
held 2/28/28, 7 PM at the Vaughn home. The committee’s focus will be Bill I 1600 single payer
health care. Please contact Earl at earlvaughan@frontier.com. Fellow committee member
David Muga is organizing single payer sign waving at the McDonald’s / SR 530 intersection on
2/27/18 from 4-5:30 PM. Please contact David at dmuga99@gmail.com.
John Amell, 10th LD Vice-Chairman announced the upcoming caucus and convention which will
be held March 24, at Flyers Restaurant at Skagit Regional Airport. See details below.
A discussion ensued touching on the school shootings, local school lock down protocols, DACA
bill failure and funding cuts to the disabled. Mary Margaret Haugen shared that a disabled
family member lives on $635.00 disability and $34.00 food stamps as an example of real people
struggling on disability.
CID member and Island County Commissioner candidate, Janet St Clair introduced herself and
her campaign. Her campaign has embraced the Civility First Pledge. Janet believes “you can
disagree but not be disagreeable.” Janet talked about her family and her professional and
personal life experiences that have prepared her to take on the challenges and needs of our
community and county government. She has solid budget management experience and likes to
say “I have the head and heart for management.” Her campaign emphasis is healthy
communities, strong families, resident’s being able to age in place, public safety, protecting the
natural beauty of our islands. Janet answered questions on a wide range of topics from the
membership. Her campaign is looking for volunteers and donations. Contact Janet at
The Art off the Wall fundraiser has been rescheduled for 6/23/2018.
The CID Facebook page traffic has increased. Thanks to all the contributors.
The meeting adjourned at 8:40PM


I wanted to invite you all to consider volunteering for a few positions that are available to
members of the Island County Democrats who would like to become involved on a state level
with the Democratic Party on a very temporary basis. These positions are only for the next 5
weeks, so it is not a long-term commitment, but most of the portions will require attending
several meetings in person and a few meetings via phone. The work is fairly straightforward and
the State Party is providing a “tool kit” with forms and other guidance to make things easy.
The Washington State Democrats annual convention will be held on June 16th in Wenatchee and
the Island County Democrats are entitled to elect 5 delegates and 2 alternates. Delegates to the
State Convention will join existing State Committee members and vote on platform resolutions
and other party business. It is a great way to volunteer and learn about how the State Party
operates; but perhaps best of all, you get to meet a lot of inspiring Democratic Party activists
from all over the state.
Our Delegates will be elected at the 10th Legislative District (LD) Caucus and Island County
Convention, which will be held on March 24th at the Flyers Restaurant at the Skagit airport near
Mt. Vernon. In order to conduct the 10th LD Caucus and Island County Convention, we need to
create an ad hoc organizing committee, which will include sub committees, such as a Credentials
Committee for checking voter registrations at the convention, a Resolutions Committee for
reviewing and organizing any resolutions that are submitted for consideration, an Affirmative
Action committee, charged with helping ensure participation in and access to the
caucus/convention meetings by African Americans, Hispanic/Latinos, Enrolled Native
Americans, Asian/Pacific Americans and persons with disabilities. and a Rules Committee (to
establish the rules for conducting the convention - the State will provide a sample that we can
use. It would be great to have 5 or 6 people representing both islands plan the County
All Island County Democrats, and especially PCO’s, are encouraged to attend the County
Convention. It is especially important to attend if you would like to run as a delegate.
Please be prepared to make a brief statement as to why you would make a good delegate.
Following the County Convention, we will have a fun Burgers and Beer meet and greet bash
with Janet St Clair and any other candidates that declare by March 24.
If you have any questions or would like to be considered as a nominee for one of the delegate
positions; or to volunteer for one of the committees, please contact me at (360) 632-2851
or ICDchair@gmail.com.
Thank you for your time!
Scott Chaplin
Chair Island County Democrats

January 18, 2018 CID Meeting Minutes

The January meeting began with pizza, salad, Kaye Sodt cookies and conversation at 6:30 PM.
The general meeting was called to order by President Basil Badley at 7PM. A moment of
silence was held in memory of local humanitarian and great Democrat Lloyd Jones.
The November minutes were accepted. Treasurer’s report: $2244.30
Basil started the 2018 election discussion stating that we have fewer Democratic candidates
than open seats for local and state offices. He reminded us how close our past local election
defeats have been. Karla Jacks won Camano Island and lost Whidbey by 120 votes in the
Commissioner’s race. He went on to say that we can win this year by picking good candidates,
resist complaining about fellow Democrats, avoid complacency and supporting our candidates.
The resource allocation inequity between Camano and Whidbey was discussed. The recent
holiday snow plowing failure, compressed county government office hours, bus service and lack
of representation in county government and on citizen boards was discussed.
Vice President John Amell shared that the 2018 Democratic Caucus will be held March 24, 2018.
Most members present dislike the caucus format and would prefer an early primary. John
explained the State Party was reviewing changes for future elections. He pointed out that the
caucus was important because resolutions are written and delegates are chosen for the State
convention in Wenatchee on June 16, 2018.
We discussed and agreed to invite U.S. Congressional candidate and former State Senate
Majority Leader Lisa Brown to speak at an upcoming fundraising event. Lisa is running against
U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers in Eastern Washington. Rep. McMorris Rogers is part of the
Republican leadership and her seat is vulnerable this year. There are 38 Congressional
Republicans retiring and we only need 24 seats for a majority in the House.
Vice President Melody Risner discussed the 2018 Stanwood/Camano Fair booth. The Fair is an
opportunity to show our presence in the community, provide access to and information on
Democratic candidates and make a little money. Melody needs volunteers, please contact her
at melrose4304@yahoo.com.
We are looking for help to improve our online presence through our website and Facebook
page. Please contact Mary Kanter at kanter.mary@gmail.com to volunteer.
We have agreed to hold two fundraisers so far. The first we’re calling “Art Off The Wall”. We
are asking you to donate a piece (s) of art from your home to be auctioned off at a wine and
cheese party at the South Camano Grange on Saturday, April 28, 2018. Additional details to

Mary Margaret Haugen and Basil Badley have offered to sponsor our CID picnic at their home
on Sunday, July 22, 2018.
If you have ideas or venues for additional events please let us know. We want to support our
candidates by creating opportunities for them to meet and greet voters in our community and
have some fun.
The meeting was adjorned at 8:40PM

November 16, 2017 CID Meeting Minutes

The November general meeting was brought to order by Vice President, Melody Risner.
The October minutes were accepted. Treasure’s report: $2174. 30
Melody reviewed the current need for volunteers to help with our CID website, contacting
current legislators through our postcard campaign and Janet St. Claire’s upcoming Island
County Commisioner race.
There will be no December meeting. Island County Democrats are having a Christmas party,
please contact Melody Risner @ melrose4304@yahoo.com
Steve Bauck, of the Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement Action presented their program,
“Making Retirement Security Real for Everyone”. The highlights are as follows:
“Scrap the Cap”-eliminate the 250,000 maximum income limit on which Social Security taxes
must be paid. This would stabilize SS for 50 years. It would also allow for benefit expansion.
Raise benefits for lower income earners to provide adequate income in retirement. Currently,
35% of Caucasian, 46% of Black, 44% of Asian and 53% of Hispanic retirees live on SS benefits
only in retirement.
Provide caregiver credits for people who stayed home to care for children, sick and disabled
relatives during their careers.
Adjust annual Cost of Living (COLA) to reflect accurate inflation costs.
Restore survivor education benefits to children who attend college through age 22
Reduce the surviving spousal benefit penalties
Restore SS staffing cuts to reduce benefit request backlog
Protect and expand Medicare by increasing payroll tax from 1.45% to 2% of taxable income
Lower eligibility age
Negotiate drug costs and expand dental, vision and hearing coverage
Create an improved long term care benefit
The current proposed tax cuts will cut 1 trillion from Medicaid and 470 million from Medicare
You can join PSARA at www.psara.org, annual dues $20.00
Meeting adjourned at 8:30PM