Past Events



 Friday, September 20, 1:00 PM     Stanwood City Hall   

On Friday, July 12th

Members of the Camano and Stanwood communityenthusiastically participated in the Lights for Liberty global vigil to end Human Detention Camps in the United States. All waved their homemade signs in support of asylum seekers and to protest their treatment under the Trump administration.(see pictures) Lights for Liberty is a global coalition of people dedicated to human rights, and the fundamental principle that all humans have a right to life, liberty and dignity. 

Saturday, July 13th

The Island County Democrats held their quarterly meeting at the  Camano Multi-purpose Center. Many Camano residents new to Island County Democrats attended. Representative Dave Paul updated the crowd on his first year in the legislature and fielded questions from the audience.  The Green New Deal was discussed as well as potential local candidates and summer events.

After the ICD meeting State Rep. Dave Paul held a well attended Town Hall at the Camano Library. Dave gave an update on his first legislative session. Progress in Healthcare, Education and Enviromental protections was made as well as funding to create a task force on environmental justice and health disparities.  Dave Paul co-sponsored the House version of Senate Bill 5511 which will help ensure that more communities will see expanded access to broadband.   Representative Paul answered questions from constituents ranging from Orcas to water on Camano to taxes and traffic on 532. For more information or to sign up for his newsletter contact Dave at, or by phone at 360-786-7014. 

Great to see Representative Dave Paul at our Camano Island Democrats booth at Beer, Brats and Biz, an annual event put on by the Chamber of Commerce.  Good music and fun for families. We had lots of visitors, helped people register to vote and shared different petitions. 


Thank you to Island County Sheriff, Rick Felici,and Camano Island Fire Chief, Levon Yengoyan for meeting with Camano Island Democrats, May 16th.  The meeting was informative and appreciated! 

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Levon Yengoyan.jpg

Thank you Volunteers, Candidates, Musicians and all who came to the Rally to Get Out The Vote 2018!!


April 7, 2019, the Washington State Democratic Central Committee (WSDCC) voted 121 to 40 to use our presidential primary to allocate delegates to candidates instead of precinct caucuses. 

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The results of the primary, March 10, 2020 will determine the number of delegates  each candidate receives.  After the primary, the party will use the caucus system to choose delegates to the party’s state and national conventions. 

Connect with Washington State Democrats  to read more. Or link to Washington State Democrats Facebook page.