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Catherine Budbill
  Mary Margaret Haugen
   Vice President
  Chuck Schufreider
     Vice President
Melody Risner

    Denise Sparks 


Mary Kanter
Membership Officer
Kathy Malcolm
Communications Chair

Email sent to our distribution list 5/11/2018:  

You are getting this email because you are a member of CID. Some are active now and many were active in years past. Some feel they were not treated right. Some have other obligations. Some have less interest now. Some have other reasons. 

Please think about coming to our meetings and our functions. We have some excellent candidates for office this year. They need your help with your help they can be successful this fall. Can you really believe that there was a better time for you to help. We have a POTUS that is setting records for ill behavior and providing for the wealthy at the expense of the poor and the middle class. The Republican office holders for the most part say nothing. They just will not call him out. This means that we need replacements all the way down the line. If the Democrats turn out they will be replaced. Coming to our functions will help you do your part in getting people justly excited for the elections this fall. We try to present candidates at each meeting and function. We will have a good fundraiser in June and a BBQ later in the summer. We will try our best to make things fun and informing. Our agenda this Thursday is below. 

Thanks for your activities now and in the past. Please help us for the future.