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Melanie Bacon

I'm Melanie Bacon running for Island County Commissioner, District 1, as a Democrat. This is the position currently held by Helen Price Johnson, who is running for State Senate in 2020. The major focus of my candidacy is ensuring a vibrant economy nestled within a strong, protected, rural community. We need to retain that magical rural quality we all love on Whidbey and Camano for the generations that will come after us.

The Island County Commissioners are in effect the CEOs of a $110 million company with 500 employees. I am an experienced executive and manager. In 2010 I quit my job as the International Compensation Manager for a Fortune 500 company working with employees in 48 countries in order to move this beautiful place. I know how to drive complex work forward---and lead through difficult times, as I’m doing now in my role as Human Resources Director for Island County, providing emergency administrative leadership to maintain communications and operations staffing for departments and elected offices during the current crisis.  

Some other things I’ve done in my life:

  • I served in military intelligence in the US Army,

  • I chaired a planning commission in a fast-growing city,

  • I served on the board of a domestic violence shelter,

  • I’ve worked with tribal governments,

  • I was a state senate intern,

  • I chaired a NOW state conference,

  • I was a founder of an educational endowment foundation,

  • I established, developed and sold two businesses, and

  • I have even been a prison chaplain.


I have always been a consistent, effective, and creative problem solver and leader, who’s never run from a challenge or succumbed to pressure from those who were nervous of change. I want to meet with the citizens of South Whidbey to hear their concerns and suggestions. Please feel free to connect with me to share your thoughts and questions.


My phone number: (360) 914-8315

Email: electmelbacon@gmail.com

Website: www.melaniebacon.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ElectMelanieBacon

Blog: https://melaniebacon-candidateislandcounty.blogspot.com/

Instagram: @dogs4bacon2020

Twitter: @MelanieBacon6


Warm regards,

Melanie Bacon

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