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Bills Outcome 2021

SB 5096 - 2021-22    Passed and on May 4th Signed by Governor Inslee

Concerning an excise tax on gains from the sale or exchange of certain capital assets.  (more information)

Sponsors: RobinsonHuntNguyenWilson, C.

By Request: Office of Financial Management

HB 1297 - 2021-22  Passed and signed Effective date 7/25/2021

Concerning working families tax exemption.

Sponsors: ThaiStokesbaryRamelRyuRobertsonLeavittBatemanFitzgibbonShewmakeChapmanJohnson, J.SennFrameRiccelliChoppWylieWicksSimmonsBoehnkeBerryDavisTharingerWalshEslickGoodmanPetersonSantosValdezCodyChambersKlobaRamosKirbyBronoskeGregersonMacriCallanPaulSellsBergquistOrmsbyPolletSlatterStonierTaylorHarris-Talley

Companion Bill: SB 5387

Universal Healthcare    

Feb 22

Scheduled for executive session in the Senate Committee on Ways & Means at 9:30 AM (Subject to change). 

SB 5399 - 2021-22   Passed and signed

Concerning the creation of a universal health care commission. 

Builds on the actuarial work done for the Universal Health Care (UHC) Work Group and begins the implementation of the plan favored by a majority of the Work Group: a unified plan for universal health coverage run through a state agency. 

Sponsors: RandallClevelandDasDhingraFrocktHuntKudererLiiasLovelettNguyenNoblesRobinsonSaldañaStanfordVan De WegeWellmanWilson, C.

SB 5377    Passed and signed- Increasing Affordability of Standardized Plans on the Individual Market

Provides access to health care for the uninsured and underinsured NOW, until a more comprehensive publicly funded universal healthcare system can be established. 

SSB 5203 - Passed and signed  Producing, distributing, and purchasing generic prescription drugs

This bill lowers prices of pharmaceutical drugs and allows a public agency to compete with private pharma companies and benefits managers.  

These bills are the result of years of HCFA-WA’s efforts toward the creation, implementation, maintenance, and funding of a universal healthcare system to provide affordable health care for every resident of Washington state.  And in this 2021 Legislative Session we are getting closer than ever!  Please join us with your comments on Friday, February 19. Click here to comment.

Is your Senator a member of  this committee?  Send them an email urging their support.  Yes he is. Senator Ron Muzzall is on the Ways and Means Committee

Health Care for All-WA

SB 5140 - 2021-22   Passed and signed

Protecting pregnancy and miscarriage-related patient care.

Sponsors: KudererFrocktConwayDasDhingraHasegawaHuntLovelettRandallSaldañaStanfordWellmanWilson, C.

Limit Solitary Confinement   Did not Pass

SB 5413

Sponsors: Wilson, C.DarneilleDasDhingraFrocktHuntKudererLiiasLovelettNguyenSaldaña

Right now hundreds of people in Washington’s prisons are living in conditions that the international community calls torture and which mental health experts have found cause lasting physical and mental damage. For years the Department of Corrections has claimed that it has reduced its use of solitary, even partnering with reform-minded organizations such as the Vera Institute and AMEND. Despite these efforts, some people remain in solitary for years. SB 5413 would stop the use of this barbaric practice by limiting the use of solitary confinement to fifteen days and precluding its use on vulnerable groups entirely.  Read more about SB 5413 here. Companion Bill: HB1312  Sponsors: PetersonSimmonsRamel,  RyuFitzgibbonHackneyGregersonSantosSennOrtiz-SelfDolanDavisValdezBatemanJohnson, J.OrmsbyBergquistMorganLekanoffFrameHarris-TalleyLeavittPolletCallanMacri

Climate Change   Did not Pass

SB 5373

Washington STRONG will Deliver Big Investments for Climate Solutions.  Sponsors: LovelettSaldañaDasDhingraFrocktHuntKudererNguyenPedersenSalomonStanfordWellmanWilson, C.

Many localities have climate action plans and wish-lists, but without sufficient funding, all these plans and ideas remain just that – plans and ideas. Examples of qualifying investments include energy efficiency and HVAC upgrades, forest health projects, clean transportation projects, and broadband access.

Link to the bill SB 5373: 

SB 5141     Passed and signed

The HEAL Act (Senate Bill 5141) is our opportunity to embed environmental justice principles into the mission of our state government. This will mean factors like race, income, location, or language no longer determine the quality of the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the land we live on. For more info, check out the HEAL Act one-pager, FAQ

Sponsors: SaldañaLovelettCarlyleDasFrocktHasegawaHuntKeiserKudererLiiasNoblesPedersenRolfesStanfordWilson, C.

SB 5126 - 2021-22   Passed and signed

Concerning the Washington climate commitment act. Creates a cap and trade program, and a task force to make recommendations for a comprehensive, coordinated statewide climate action program.

Sponsors: CarlyleSaldañaConwayDasFrocktHuntLiiasNguyenPedersenSalomonStanfordWilson, C.

By Request: Office of the Governor

Firearm Safety Measures    Did not Pass

HB 1164 - 2021-22

Addressing firearm safety measures to increase public safety. High Capacity magazine restrictions.

Sponsors: ValdezPetersonOrmsbyDavisHackneyMacriPolletGregersonRamelBatemanSimmonsFitzgibbonHarris-Talley

By Request: Attorney General

Companion Bill: SB 5078  Sponsors: LiiasKudererDarneilleHuntNguyenPedersenWilson, C. By Request: Attorney General


SB 5038 - 2021-22  Passed and Signed

Prohibiting the open carry of certain weapons at public demonstrations and the state capitol.

Sponsors: KudererDasCarlyleDarneilleDhingraHuntLiiasLovelettNguyenPedersenRolfesSaldañaSalomonWellmanWilson, C.

Police accountability    Passed and signed

HB 1054 - 2021-22

Establishing requirements for tactics and equipment used by peace officers.

Sponsors: Johnson, J.EntenmanDolanRyuBerrySimmonsBatemanKlobaLekanoffDuerrFitzgibbonSlatterWylieRamosBergTharingerRamelOrtiz-SelfSennPetersonGregersonValdezCallanHackneyMorganChoppCodyOrmsbyTaylorFrameSantosMacriDavisPolletBergquistHarris-Talley

HB 1310 - 2021-22   Passed and signed

Concerning permissible uses of force by law enforcement and correctional officers.

Sponsors: Johnson, J.LovickRyuSimmonsBerryFitzgibbonHackneyWylieSellsWicksCodyCallanGregersonSantosSennOrtiz-SelfChoppDavisValdezDolanBatemanOrmsbyBergquistMorganRamelRamosLekanoffFrameHarris-TalleyPolletMacriPeterson


HB 1202 - 2021-22   Not passed

Addressing meaningful civil remedies for persons injured as a result of police misconduct, including by allowing for an award of attorney fees in addition to damages and injunctive and declaratory relief.

Sponsors: ThaiDavisBatemanRamosKlobaCallanSimmonsBerrySantosRyuRamelSellsOrtiz-SelfGregersonWicksBergBergquistDolanMacriFeyPolletHarris-TalleyFrame

HB 1088 - 2021-22  Passed and Signed

Concerning potential impeachment disclosures. Prior to hiring any peace officer with previous law enforcement experience, a law enforcement agency must inquire as to whether the officer has ever been subject to potential impeachment disclosure. 

Sponsors: LovickGoodmanFitzgibbonJohnson, J.SlatterWylieRamosBatemanBerryDolanTharingerSimmonsRyuRamelShewmakeLeavittSennPetersonGregersonValdezCallanChoppDuerrOrmsbyTaylorLekanoffSantosMacriFrameOrwallBergPolletHarris-Talley

Companion Bill: SB 5067

Protecting Long Term Care

HB 1323 - 2021-22    Passed and signed

Concerning the long-term services and supports trust program. 

Sponsors: TharingerMacriSimmonsFitzgibbonCodyHackneySantosOrtiz-SelfLekanoffPollet

SJR 8200 - 2021-22  Did not Pass 

Proposing an amendment to the Constitution concerning the investment of funds to provide for long-term care services and supports.

Sponsors: KeiserConwayMulletNguyen

asegawa, Keiser, Kuderer, Lovelett, Nguyen, Saldaña, Stanford, Wilson, C.

10th LD Democrats Endorsement list


SEIU 775 Endorsements:  Full list is here

10th LD House:
State Representative, Position 1: Clyde Shavers
State Representative, Position 2: Dave Paul

Retired Public employees Council Of Washington  RPEC

10th LD House 1: Clyde Shavers (D)
10th LD House 2: Dave Paul (D)


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