It is incumbent on all of us to stand up and speak up for a more just and equitable world. It begins with rejecting the current racist, cruel and dishonest administration.  We must do all we can to elect Joe Biden and work for a Democratic controlled Senate and keep Democratic control of the House.  As much as we want to get Trump and those who support him out of office there is also vital work to be done for our local candidates and throughout Washington State.

Lets make a Blue Wave sweep Washington and the rest of the Nation!

Are you Registered to Vote?  Follow the link to be sure and share with friends and family!

Contact your favorite candidate to make phone calls, text, send postcards and/or donate.

Become a virtual volunteer with WA Democrats today!

Text Volunteer to 43367 for updates on volunteer opportunities with DNC



Sign waving for 

Helen Price Johnson for State Senate.  

We will wave signs at Terry's corner 4 to 6pm Fridays and at 532 and 72nd Ave NW(McDonalds corner) 2 to 4pm on Saturdays. Three weekends starting July 17th. Also Monday and/ or Tuesday the 3rd and 4th of August. 

We will have both Helen and Dave Paul signs. Home made works also!

Please join us for some or all of the days! 

We will keep a safe distance and wear our masks!  

Thanks for any time you can offer!

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