Angie and her family moved to Oak Harbor in 1997 where her children attended public schools and her husband served as a naval aviator at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island. Angie’s decades long volunteer services include: teaching enrichment courses to school children, donating fresh vegetables from her garden to food banks, building sets for local theaters, and Chairing a scholarship committee that helps young women achieve a higher education. During the past four legislative sessions Angie helped move bills that protect wild salmon fisheries, reduce climate change, promote affordable housing, and improve social justice.

As an architect and former carpenter, laborer, and machinist, Angie doesn’t just understand the policies needed to ensure smart land-use planning; she’s helped build affordable housing, and she founded an environmental nonprofit.  


Angie Homola

Announcing Angie Homola’s Candidacy for State Representative 10th LD Position 1 (D)

“I have a proven track record of getting things done for the common good by fighting for what is right vs. settling for what is easy. That’s how I collaboratively brought transparency to Island County government, reduced expenses to balance the budget during the Great Recession, significantly improved services to indigent veterans, maintained senior and mental healthcare services, protected the environment, and enhanced local job opportunities. To help Island County pay for necessary but non-mandated services I donated $30,000 of my salary. When you get things done, the opposition takes note and fights dirty. We must not surrender to immoral and unethical efforts to win campaigns and undermine democracy. We must elect good people who do honorable work. It’s time to restore civil bipartisanship with respect for the rule of law. Together we can forge a brighter future.


Top Three of Many Priorities:

  • Affordable housing and housing the homeless

  • Environmental protections and action on climate change

  • Public and mental healthcare - ending opioid and heroin addiction

        (Please see my website for the full list)


I am confident that my experience and qualifications make me the right candidate to represent working families, protect our quality of life, and stand up to unethical efforts to undermine democracy.  I will bring energy, compassion, and effectiveness to this office; and would be honored to serve you in Olympia.”

Learn more about Angie Homola and share your concerns and ideas at:

Angie for All - P.O. Box 955 Oak Harbor, WA 98277


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