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                                       June 2020                                     

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A Note from the Chair, John Amell


I'm ordinarily not great at heart-felt sentiment, but the events of the last month has moved me.  The murder of George Floyd at the hands of the police is so very disturbing.  I find it tragic that this horrific act was perpetrated by those who had sworn to serve and protect the citizenry.  It's not like this is the first time.  Too many black people have been killed at the hands of police.  Yet, our current occupant of the White House seems bent on inciting violence instead of comforting the nation and seeking solutions.  And then to bring in guards from Texas Federal prisons and have them in our nation’s capital to "dominate" peaceful protesters exercising their constitutional rights is absolutely chilling.  He is behaving like some dictator. The first amendment to the constitution of the United States of America states that “Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”  Protests have a long history in this country. 

The first Quaker protest against slavery took place in 1688, over 300 years ago.  The first instance of protest with looting that I discovered took place in 1773.  The Boston Tea Party took place to protest taxes levied by the British crown on the US colonies and was a key precursor to the American Revolution. In 1833, The American Antislavery Society was founded to protest slavery and within five years had 250,000 members.  In 1922, 5000 African Americans took to the streets of Washington D.C. to protest lynching in America.  Martin Luther King's March on Washington in 1963, and the Selma to Montgomery marches in 1965 were organized by nonviolent activists to demonstrate the desire of African-American citizens to exercise their constitutional right to vote.  By highlighting racial injustice, these efforts helped the passage of the Voting Rights Act, a landmark federal achievement of the civil rights movement. 

Protests are powerful.  They can change the world. 

After the killing of George Floyd, Protests began in Minneapolis and quickly spread across the nation, with hundreds of thousands of people in all 50 states taking to the streets in opposition to Floyd's death, police brutality and institutional racism at large.  And then it spread around the world.  Trump then doubled down and has sought to stamp out unrest using overwhelming police and military force, showing little interest in addressing questions of systemic racism at the heart of the protests.

We need a president that can bring us together, not divide us. We need leadership that cares for the American people.  We need Joe Biden. 

Results 10th LD Endorsement Meeting

We had 78 PCOs and Members register for our Endorsement Meeting on May 30, and 71 attended, resulting in a 63% turnout rate. .  Some probably couldn't get in due to the thunderstorm that passed by during the meeting.  We were lucky that we didn't lose power or internet as a result.  

The following candidates have been endorsed by the 10th Legislative District Democrats at our May 30, 2020 Special Endorsement Meeting:

  • U.S. Congress Rep CD-1 - Suzan DelBene –D              

  • Governor – Jay Inslee –D (Incumbent)       

  • State Auditor –  Pat McCarthy – D (Incumbent)

  • Attorney General –  Bob Ferguson – D (Incumbent)  



  • SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION: Chris Reykdal (D)              

  • State Treasurer - Mike Pellicciotti – D               

  • Secretary of State – Gael Tarleton –D                

  • Lt Governor

    • Marko Liias -D

    • Denny Heck – D      Dual

  • U.S. Congress Rep CD-2 - Rick Larsen –D (Incumbent)  

  • 10th LD STATE SENATE - Helen Price Johnson - D     


    • Scott McMullen – D      

    • Suzanne Woodard – D    

    • Ivan Lewis – D    

    • Angie Homola – D 

  • 10th LD STATE REPRESENTATIVE POS.2 - Dave Paul  – D  (Incumbent)    

  • Island County


    • Nathan Howard– D

    • Melanie Bacon – D 



  • Judicial Snohomish County Superior Court

    • POSITION 4 - Edirin O. Okoloko

    • POSITION 7 - Anna A. Alexander

    • POSITION 13 -  Jennifer R. Langbehn

    • POSITION 14 - Paul Wm. Thompson

    • POSITION 8 - Cassandra Lopez-Shaw

    • Robert Grant - Judicial Skagit County Superior Court

    • POSITION 3 - Elizabeth Yost Neidzwski

  • Washington State Court of Appeals Division 1

    • POSITION 2 - Linda Coburn

  • Washington State Supreme Court

    • POSITION 6 - Justice Helen Whitener

  • Island County Superior Court (Non-Partisan)

    • POSITION 1

      • Carolyn Cliff

      • Kathleen Petrich

Census - You Count! Be Counted!

With all the attention to the Coronavirus pandemic, we should not lose sight of the census. It is extremely important that we all get counted! Most of us can complete the census on-line with a computer or smartphone. Here is a link if you need more information or have had problems completing the census. Here is another link with information that includes how to recognize a real census worker. (bottom of page)

Message from Rick Larsen

I am heartbroken over the murder of George Floyd. Too many families are victims of racial violence, and it is time for change. I will continue to work with local, state and federal leaders to address systemic racism and police brutality. There is still a lot of work to do, and I am taking action in Congress to address issues facing communities of color. 


Earlier this week, I joined the Congressional Black Caucus and the House Judiciary Committee in supporting the Justice in Policing Act to reform police departments and hold police accountable. A fact sheet on the legislation is available here

Last week, I signed on to co-sponsor Rep. Ayanna Pressley's resolution condemning police brutality, racial profiling and the excessive use of force, and called on House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler to consider reforms needed to halt police violence and restore confidence in law enforcement, including an extensive and accessible centralized database of decertified officers, reforming the 1033 program and officer training reforms. 

Like many others throughout Northwest Washington, I also joined a Black Lives Matter rally in Everett this weekend. I was there to listen and show my support. I hope you will join me by working in your communities to create change. 


In addition, here is a link to a Virtual Fireside Chat With Rick Steves · Hosted by Rick Larsen  The Facebook event is at this link


Note from Dave Paul

Incumbent 10th LD State Representative Position 2

Our campaign has been recognized as one of the most competitive races by no less than former Republican Party Chairman Chris Vance.

Vance said: “More money will probably be spent here than anywhere else in the state. Democrat David Paul won by less than 700 votes in 2018.” Vance went on to call this seat a “toss-up.”

We shocked the Republican establishment by becoming the first Democrat in 20 years to win a House seat in the 10th LD, and they’re desperate to get this seat back.

This is another signal that interest groups and political parties are preparing to flood this race with big outside spending. And that will make it more difficult for our campaign to cut through the noise with our message. I’ll need your help to fight back.

With you on our side, we’ll win this campaign and continue to support a progressive agenda in Olympia.

Please consider donating to our campaign at or volunteering to help connect with voters by emailing Beth at


Note from Helen Price Johnson

George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Manuel Ellis, and countless other black Americans have been wrongfully murdered by law enforcement across our country.  Black people deserve to live without fearing death or harassment at the hands (or knees) of those sworn to defend and protect them.

The United States has systems that are rooted in the oppression of blacks and other people of color.  As a country, we are grappling with the result of hundreds of years of systemic racism and state-sanctioned violence against many of our own citizens.

I join the many protesters across this country calling for racial justice in America and an end to police violence.  We must lift up and listen to the voices of those who feel they are not being heard.

Island County Sheriff Rick Felici wrote that, "Law enforcement is something done with and for our community, not something we do to them."  I agree with him and believe that is the standard we must hold ourselves to.

I call upon Island County to use this moment to step back and take an honest look at our local government's internal systems and external impacts, to assess how we are serving to advance racial justice across our organization, and in our community. 

This past week I struggled to find words to express my own thoughts.  Processing the tragedy and the outpouring of emotions, I was moved to tears as I walked down Langley's Second Street along the Black Lives Matter chalk memorial.  Like many of you, I've reached out to friends and family to understand how others are feeling and responding.

Now is a time to listen with an open mind, to learn and un-learn, to reflect, to seek solutions and take action. Because Black Lives Matter. 

Helen Price Johnson

U.S. Senator Patty Murray

Endorses Helen Price Johnson

“Helen Price Johnson has served with distinction as a County Commissioner, working in a bipartisan manner to improve the lives of working families. There's nobody more capable or qualified for 10th District voters to send to the State Senate than Helen.  As a voter in the 10th District, please join me in voting for Helen Price Johnson."

I am honored and so grateful for your endorsement, Sen. Murray!

Endorse Helen online at:

Volunteer Opportunities 

We have opportunities across the board in the 10 LD and our State to elect great Democrats. Our mission at the Coordinated campaign is to make sure we elect all of our Democrats up and down the ballot in 2020, sign up to join us in June!

All events can be found here:

The Coordinated Campaign has staffed up and is running a full complement of all-online voter contact events. We do phone banks Monday - Thursday evenings from 5pm - 8pm and we have a dialer system (it makes the calls for you and connects volunteers to voters after they have already picked up) that we run every Sunday evening from 5pm - 8pm. For a peak at what the Dialer looks like watch this video: Here.

At the beginning of every group phone bank event, staff will provide training and remain on for the whole event to offer one-on-one support to volunteers who need more help. We also have training webinars every other Saturday- our June trainings will be on the 13th and 27th. Our Organizing Academies cover the Coordinated Campaigns plan to Win in 2020 and the Tools Training covers how to use the technology we are utilizing to do our work.

Frequent Questions about Direct Voter Contact:

  • Who we are contacting & why: Right now we have a whole bunch of voters that we don't have enough data on to know which party they support. We received a lot of information on Washington voters from the Presidential Primary, but for our newly registered folks that didn’t vote and more, we have the opportunity to identify additional Democrats and put them in our universe of voters to mobilize and turnout when ballots are in voters hands. Our Voter ID effort also helps clean up our lists by getting all the wrong numbers, disconnected, and Republicans off them. The Voter ID phase of our work is critical, as it enables us to execute a GOTV effort that is as accurate and efficient as possible. (Which will be needed in the 10thLD!) At the end of the day all this work allows us to elect Democrats up and down the ballot in November!

  • Can I call into my LD: Yes you can call into your LD on any virtual phonebank. However, when calling on the Dialer, the calls will be made statewide. 

Young Democrats of Island County (YDIC)

Technology difficulties are a plight for all organizations, even the ones full of young people. One of the most common questions I receive as Chair of the Young Democrats of Island County is ‘Do you have young people savvy in tech that can help out with [insert name of organization here]?’ As a general rule, our membership is well versed and quite capable in our modern digital and social media space. But we are far from immune and the last six weeks has made that abundantly clear. First, a user agreement wasn’t marked correctly on our Gmail account, meaning our email wasn’t working.

Thankfully, that has been fixed and you can now email us at Then our website was glitchy as all get out and we had to replace all the links and photos to get it live. This is now fixed, and you can visit us at Then the delays in banking verification meant that our donation site wasn’t working. This is now fixed and you can find our donation page here: And finally, we still cannot get our social media accounts to link quite right.

So, in conclusion, please feel free to email us and certainly check out the website. Also, keep an eye out for a Facebook page that works (maybe) and know that we are all in this technology thing together.
Ivan Lewis
Chair, YDIC

Candidate Events


Particularly during these times of hardship and crisis we

are reminded more than ever of the difference between

a good politician and a great politician. We have all, at

one time or another, seen that difference before us,

on the news, at a rally, or during a Statewide press

conference. What makes a great politician is the ability

for people to know that their voices are heard, that their

interests will be championed, and that positive changes

can be made. A great politician also knows the value in

collaborating on solutions for our toughest problems so

that real, effective change can happen with the support

of colleagues, stakeholders, and citizens. We need true

champions for the working class, the working poor and those being left behind and great politicians who make decisions driven by compassion and effectiveness, not by profits and greed.

In the pursuit of better policy, we have been collaborating on some of the issues that matter to us most.  Policies like expanding ECEAP, Working Connections Child Care, and secondary education apprenticeship partnerships so that we can have true cradle to career education that not only starts with childcare and Pre-K, but also continues until true career readiness. Policies that expand access to affordable housing options so that families can afford to live here. Policies, like housing first, that ensure everyone’s basic needs are being met with dignity. Policies that bring infrastructure improvements that invest in our futures, like ensuring everyone has clean water and bringing broadband to Island County as a utility. These infrastructure investments not only offer a brighter future for our communities but bring with them much needed living wage jobs. And we must implement more policies that immediately address the climate crisis head on by prioritizing the transition to a modern clean economy.  We will be holding a joint town hall on Tuesday June 16th at 7pm via Zoom to discuss our platforms, ideas, and visions for tomorrow. Join us to listen in, ask a question and learn more about us and our campaigns.

Register in advance for this webinar:
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the

Ivan Lewis – Candidate for State Representative, 10th LD, Position 1
Nathan Howard – Candidate for Island County Commissioner, Position 1
Fe Mischo – Candidate for Island County Commissioner, Position 2

Grethe’s Conversations With Candidates: June 25, 2020 at 7:00 p.m.  Join Grethe Cammermeyer on Zoom for conversations with Senate (10th LD) candidate Helen Price Johnson; House (10th LD) candidate Suzanne Woodard; and Island County Commissioner Dist. 1 candidate Melanie Bacon.  Open to all.   Password:  ISLAND


Angie Homola is scheduling virtual Zoom meet and greets, phone banking, and letter writing.  Please contact her manager at  to sign-up. Please go to Angie’s website to endorse her, and to learn about upcoming events and opportunities to get involved. Facebook -  

Solstice Eve Summer Kick-off

Friday, June 19th, 6 - 8 pm via Zoom

The Summer Solstice is my favorite day of the year--

because it’s the longest! 

Join me Friday, June 19th to ring in nature’s longest day at

our latitude. June 19th also holds utmost significance in

American history: on this date in 1865, the Union Army

overcame slaveholder resistance and finally emancipated the enslaved people of the deep south — two full years after Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation. 155 years later, it’s important that we celebrate progress and continue the fight against injustice.

We are gathering virtually to celebrate Angie’s recent endorsements, hold a vigil in support of ending racial bigotry and police brutality, and write letters to help get Angie to Olympia where she can fight for all of us. Please visit for event details and RSVP.

Please join us to spread the word that my mission has always been about extending justice and fairness to all.  I have grounded myself in that mission as a 23 year Oak Harbor resident and community volunteer, former Island County Commissioner, and with your help - future 10th LD representative. 

Together we are stronger, together we can make positive change happen.

Sincerely, Angie Homola



Nathan Howard, candidate for Island County Commissioner District 1, is hosting a weekly Saturday morning Facebook event at 9:00 am entitled Camper Conversations - Saturday Mornings Chats with Nathan.  This Saturday, June 13 will be Kathleen Petrich. Next Saturday, June 20 will be Caroyln Cliff. Facebook - Nathan4IC


Fe Mischo, candidate for Island County Commissioner District 2, is hosting a weekly Sunday morning Facebook event at 11:00 am entitled Coffee with the Candidate. Facebook - GoWith MischoDist2


Melanie Bacon, candidate for Island County Commissioner District 1, is holding bi-weekly virtual town halls on topics of interest to the community.   Send a Facebook message to Melanie Bacon or email her at and she’ll send you an invitation to the virtual meeting. 
Facebook - ElectMelanieBacon


Election Calendar

13-Jun-20                 Washington State Democratic Convention 

20-Jun-20                  Louisiana Primary (rescheduled)

20-Jun-20                 10th LD Quarterly Meeting -

20-Jun-20                  New York & Kentucky Primaries (rescheduled)       

18-Jul-20                  10th LD E-Board              

4-Aug-20                  Washington State Primary Election

15-Aug-20                10th LD E-Board              

17-Aug-20                Democratic National Convention Begins (Milwaukee, WI)

20-Aug-20                Democratic National Convention Ends

19-Sep-20                10th LD Quarterly Meeting         

25-Sep-20                 Washington State Democrats (WSDCC) Meeting Spokane                       

3-Nov-20                  General Election                                         

21-Nov-20                10th LD E-Board              

24-Nov-20                Election Results Certified                           

14-Dec-20                Electoral College Meets

19-Dec-20                10th LD Re-Organization Meeting            

8-Jan-21                   Washington State Democrats (WSDCC)  Re-Organization Meeting 


Membership in the 10th LD Democrats Organization

The 10th LD has regular general membership meetings every quarter.  During those meetings elected and appointed PCOs and members in good standing have the opportunity to participate and be heard.  All members get to vote on things like candidate endorsements , resolutions, and other business of the organization. Their decisions shall guide the Executive Board in the conduct of the affairs of the District.  

So, you might ask, how does one become a member in good standing?  Well, the answer is simple. Our by-laws say that membership is open to all persons who are registered voters, residing within the 10th Legislative District (there is a map on the website) and who publicly identify as Democrats.  Upon payment of dues and after a 14-day waiting period, any eligible voter professing to be a Democrat, becomes a member in good standing and will be granted voting rights at the next general meeting.  Annual dues are $15 per person or $25 per family, and can be paid by clicking on the “Donate" button on this newsletter or on the website (link below).  If you pay on-line, anyone who donates at least $15 will be recognized as having paid dues.  You can also mail a check to 10th LD Democrats 300 A - 1st Street, Mount Vernon, WA. 98273, or pay at a meeting. Do pay attention to the 14-day waiting period.   Our by-laws also say that no individual who suffers economic hardship shall be denied membership. Just ask.  Most of us have been there at some point in our lives.

The dues that you pay support the organization in several ways.  It allows us to financially support endorsed candidates.  It pays for venues (I remember venues.  You like go somewhere and other people are there)  for fundraisers and forums where we get to hear from our candidates.  It also pays for outreach like ads in newspapers informing the public of upcoming meetings.  More than likely we will be doing on-line meetings for a while.  Sure beats driving 90 minutes each way to have a meeting.

Links to other local Democratic organizations:

·         Washington State Democrats

·         Snohomish County Democrats

·         Skagit County Democrats

·         Island County Democrats


Please donate to the 10th LD Democrats

Your donations help to support our candidates, educate our voters, and engage our communities.  It's super easy to give.  Dues are $15 to become a member or $25 per couple/family.  All members can vote at general meetings with a few exceptions.


Thanks for your support,

John Amell
Chair - 10th LD Democrats         Website link:

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