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Lawmakers convene in Olympia for first day of 2023 Legislature

The Washington Legislature convened in

person for the first time in more than two

years, kicking off a 2023 session that will

include writing a two-year budget.

Read more in the Seattle Times.


Congratulations Democrats!  Election Results!

U.S. Senator Patty Murray....57%  (Tiffany Smiley 42%)

Congressman Rick Larsen...60%       (Dan Matthews  39%)

Sec of State Steve Hobbs....50%   (Julie Anderson  45%)

Representative Dave Paul.....52.09%    (Karen Letsetmoe 47.8%)

Rep Candidate Clyde Shavers...50.07%     (Greg Gilday  49.79%)

    (machine recount completed and certified Dec. 12th)

Commissioner Janet St Clair....55 %  (Tim Hazelo  44%)

View all the results from November 8th Election:

Island County Auditor Election Results

Election Results Washington State

The State Legislature met January 9, 2023 at the Legislative Building in Olympia. The Legislature begins each legislative session annually on the second Monday in January. In odd-numbered years, such as when the state budget is debated upon, the State Legislature meets for 105 days, and in even-numbered years, it meets for 60 days. The Governor of Washington, if necessary, can call legislators in for a special session for a 30-day period at any time during the year. Legislators can also call themselves into special session by a two-thirds vote by both the House of Representatives and the State Senate.

Solidarity Over Supremacy Whidbey put together a video to help the community understand and recognize extremism as we move into the election season and beyond. Take eight minutes to watch and share this homegrown explainer video, based on an important visual, The Pyramid of Radicalization.

Seattle Times: What the Supreme Court ruling on Roe vs Wade means for Washington State.


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